Bonjour, it’s Crochez Friday! All of us crocheters have stashes of yarn and needles, books and other crochet supplies without a storage place to call their own. Some of us are organizational freaks and others like me need a nudge or two to get going in the right direction. I went through several blogs and websites and found several ideas for you (and me). I can’t post them all but here are a few to get started.

Organize Your Yarn

  1. Take stock of what you have.
    One easy way to sort your yarn is to label 4 boxes; “WIPs (works in progress),” “Will Use/Have Pattern,” “Will Use/No Pattern Yet,” and “Won’t Use.” Take the opportunity to look at the yarn you have and decide how much you have room for.
  2. Separate your projects from your supplies.
    Keep “WIPs” in easy reach and separated from the rest of your stash. If your projects are hard to get to, or hiding under the rest of your stash, you’re less likely to work on them. A storage ottoman, large project bag or basket works well to store WIPs.
  3. Put your yarn where you can see it.
    Keep all your “Will Use” yarn easy to access. Think creatively about where to put yarn, you can use many things besides plastic boxes or bags. Just remember to keep yarn away from pets, moisture and dust.
  4. Discover or create a storage method you love.
    If you’re looking at those beautiful skeins for inspiration, keep yarn visible in clear vases and decorative bowls. You can transform a door by adding a shoe organizer filled with yarn, or re-purpose containers you already have! For inspiration, follow our Pinterest Board: Craft Spaces & Storage (you may be asked to sign into Pinterest).
  5. Choose an organization option; sort yarn by weight, fiber or color.
    Keeping your yarn in groups will help you find what you need once you’ve picked a project. Choose whichever appeals to you the most!
  6. Use your Ravelry ‘Stash’ to save yarn info.
    Photograph your newly-sorted yarn and post it to your stash on Ravelry. From there, you can easily compare what you have, search for patterns of what to make, and keep the details like dye lot and yardage in one convenient location. Plus, you don’t have to worry about saving all your labels!
  7. Convert messy skeins or hanks to balls.
    Balling-up yarn is a great way to tidy up hanks and skeins that have begun to loose their structure, and it makes the yarn easy to use when the time comes.
  8. Store multiple balls of a dye lot together.
    If you bought multiple skeins in the same dye lot, or dyed multiple hanks in the same bath, keep those yarns together. It’s much easier to make a large project when you have all the yarn together. Gallon-sized zip-top bags are a great option.
  9. Keep projects to frog handy.
    If you have been meaning to frog (or undo) a project, keep it on hand for at-home activities that don’t require full attention, like watching TV.
  10. Protect yarn from water, dust and creepy-crawlies.
    There are some bugs that might try to live in your yarn, so keep it up off the floor, dry, and in a well-lit place to discourage them. If you think there might have been insects near your yarn, seal it in a plastic bag and pop it in the freezer for a day to get rid of bugs.
  11. Put tiny scraps in one location.
    When you need “waste” yarn, or an amigurumi needs an embroidered face, you’ll be glad you know exactly where to find small scraps in your stash.
  12. Don’t be afraid to let go of extra yarn.
    Yarn you don’t love just takes up space and makes it harder to find the yarn that you do love. Donate or swap anything in the “Won’t Use” box, and you’ll be helping others as well as yourself.

What tips would you add to this list? Have you used any of these? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

Here is DIY idea to help keep those balls of yarn from rolling all ove the place while you are crocheting.

7 Creative Yarn Holder Ideas That Will Keep your Skeins Clean  from: theyarnbox.comA clean and empty baby wipe container is a handy organizational tool and will help keep things neat and tidy while you are working. I would probably fix several of these and color code the outside of the container to correspond with the color yarn on the inside so they could be stacked and you would know what color yarn is inside without pulling every container to see what’s inside.

The yarn box gives other options as well.

Pinterest is full of great organizing ideas, crochet projects and tips.

Crocheters have a variety of ideas for storing yarn. I sometimes use plastic ziplock baggies to store yarn scraps by color families. You can organize them by color or yarn types (yarn for baby projects, socks, specialty yarns, etc.) You can also use empty oatmeal containers with the lid, mason jars and other options that are just waiting for you to find them.

These are a few ideas for the frugal spender like me. But if you want to spend a little more money you can buy cubby bins from Wal Mart or K Mart. You can also go to flea markets and find stylish antiques that would make interesting storage ideas. Example:


Another idea, but not so expensive, is a shoe organizer that you can hang on the wall. I would love to try this idea. You can color code your yarn skeins and if you get the clear ones you can always see what you have.

Crocheters also have to organize your needles and crochet books. They are all a part of your crochet supplies.

There are so many crafty ideas for needle storage that I couldn’t possibly note them all. So Next week I will continue Crochet Friday and I will show you several ideas for crochet needle storage and how to organize your crochet books. Happy CROCHEZ FRIDAY! Au revoir!



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